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Timepieces are an essential accessory we put on on a day by day foundation. It offers us the luxury of understanding the cutting-edge time. But when it comes to scuba diving, timepieces like a dive watch, will now not simply can help you know the contemporary time, however it also lets in you to study your bottom time that’s one of the vital parameters you want to monitor whilst underwater.

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Depth Rating: 300 meters (1,000 feet)
Pros: excessive intensity score, superlative timepiece
Cons: No lady model, high rate tag, vulnerable to replication

Considered as one of the first-rate dive watch and preferred by using maximum dive specialists, the Rolex Submariner is a swiss automatic wrist watch that functions a 31-jewel calibre 3135 motion. The bezel insert is crafted from black cerachrom that is a hardened ceramic. This dive watch is very long lasting and especially immune to scratch. All of its parts has a high anti-corrosion property to be able to no longer fade over time even though it’s miles often uncovered to direct daylight. It has a 50-hour energy reserve and guarantees you this wristwatch will work even in case you area it in storage. Its name is derived from its oyster case lock down mechanism that closes like a submarine hatch. The Rolex Submariner is available in specific design. The simple and the cheapest is the black-dial stainless steel whilst one among its pinnacle version is the Rolex Submarine Blue Dial Oyster Blue 18K strong gold.

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Depth Rating: six hundred meters (2,000 feet)
Pros: Optimal intensity rating, width length designed for ladies
Cons: Large size, excessive price tag

Among the personalities who wore the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph are olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and the well-known fictional Secret Service Agent James Bond. This swiss made self-winding wrist watch combines fashion, first-rate and capability. It functions a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a silicon balance spring, which in trendy, greatly improves its surprise resistance capabilities and magnetism. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph comes in the wellknown forty five.5mm and 43.5mm watch size. But the good news, the equal luxurious watch can now be worn by means of ladies as the 37.5mm is now to be had within the market.

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Depth Rating: 2 hundred meters (660 toes)
Pros: Optimal depth score, low charge tag, fairly luminous
Cons: Rubber strap may additionally depart markings for your skin

With a massive case size at 47.5 mm and a low fee tag under $two hundred, the Momentum M1 Deep 6 dive watch is an low cost outsized watch that has a intensity score of 200 meters (660 ft). This Japan quartz wrist watch is crafted from a stable 316L chrome steel that has a screw down lower back and crown. Its crystal head face is heat tempered with a mineral glass embedded with an anti-glare coating. When it involves its luminous features, this dive watch is quite luminous, glows brightly inside the darkish and without problems recharges through daylight or with the aid of the direct beaming of your underwater torch. The straps makes use of the conventional rigid rubber material which offers you a consolation but tight healthy on the wrist. For woman scuba divers, you may be drawn to the woman model of this dive watch: the Momentum M1 Mini. It has the identical capabilities, except that its case handiest degree 31.1 mm and only weighs 6.Four oz..

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Depth Rating: three hundred meters (1,000 feet)
Pros: High intensity rating, has a ladies version, chronograph with 3 subdials
Cons: Heavy, small face monitor

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a sporty and durable dive watch crafted from a best-brushed and polished chrome steel case. It capabilities a black dial with a silver skeleton palms and index markers which are pretty luminous when used in low-mild surroundings. This wrist watch is a certified chronograph with 3 subdials that presentations a 60 2d reveal, 30 minute display and a 1/10th of a 2nd display. The face is made from sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant. One characteristic that stands out in this dive watch is the rotating bezel which is embedded with studs that aids you in revolving it even in case you are the usage of a pair of dive gloves.

While the Tag Heuer Aquaracer has a case dimension of 43mm, it has a girls’s counterpart – the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Ladies. With a case measuring simplest 32mm, this ladies dive watch has the identical capabilities from its guys’s counterpart, besides that it does now not have a chronometer and comes in exclusive patterns just like the black dial, military blue dial, and mother of pearl dial with diamond accents.

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Depth Rating: two hundred meters (660 toes)
Pros: Optimal depth score, stylish look, surprisingly luminous
Cons: Mid-range fee tag, want to change the battery after fully drained (two years)

The Luminox Women’s Dive Watch is a swiss made dive watch that belongs to the Luminox Modern Mariner Series. It capabilities a rigid black-colored chrome steel case and bracelet with a black dial this is accented with a gray-coloured numbers and arms. The case measures 38mm and plated with black ion. This dive watch is ideal, now not just for scuba diving, but also looks elegant in formal activities.

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Depth Rating: 500 meters (1,640 feet)
Pros: High intensity rating, surprisingly luminous
Cons: No helium valve

The Victorinox Dive Master 500 is a long lasting dive watch that functions a round, silver-toned stainless steel case that is lined with PVD and measures 43mm. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel this is engraved with minute markings. On the interiors, it has a black-colored dial with silver-colored indices that are pretty luminous and glows brightly in the darkish. The straps of this dive watch consists of an adjustable rubber band this is relaxed and smooth to lock courtesy from its buckle clasp. Aside from the anti-reflective sapphire crystal that incorporates its face cover, perhaps what surely sticks out with the Victorinox Dive Master 500 is its amazing depth rating wherein it can go to a depth of 500 meters (1,640 feet).

For the ladies, this dive watch has a version ideal for you: the Victorinox 249057 Dive Master 500. You will absolutely be attracted with its smooth and subtle layout that has all of the functions of the male version of the Victorinox Dive Master 500. Just consider a 43mm gold-tone stainless-steel case with a white dial and white rubber strap.

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A dive watch isn’t your usual every day wristwatch. It has a few functions that allows you to wear it underwater and use it to degree certain diving parameters.

Depth Ratings: This is the most crucial characteristic of a dive watch, otherwise if it isn’t always waterproof, then it is of no use underwater in view that it will be immediately flooded. All dive watch has a intensity score and this varies relying at the emblem and version. For scuba diving standards, a dive watch ought to have as a minimum two hundred meter (660 feet) depth rating. But this does not imply that you are going that deep. It is just a fashionable set for dive watch to withstand the increasing pressure. In different phrases, the better the depth rating, the higher.

Display: On pinnacle of the refraction effect where everything you spot underwater is 25% larger and closer, your dive watch have to have a huge and visible show. It must have visible markings just like the minute hand, hour hand and the hour mark. This permits you to decide time in only a single look.

Luminous Markings: All markings in the reveal of your dive watch ought to be luminous. This feature may be very vital whilst you go night diving wherein a single strike from the beam of your torch allows the luminous markings of your dive watch to completely glow. And it isn’t always just about night time diving which you find the luminous characteristic crucial. For instance: while you do deep diving and the circumstance coincides on a dark day. You can nonetheless visibly see your dive watch as the luminous markings will barely glow on a low-light environment.

Rotating Bezel: This is the spherical revolving metallic simply out of doors the glass case of the monitor of your dive watch. Every dive watch should have a rotating bezel. The cause of the rotating bezel is to mark your time the instant you start descending and examine afterwards your elapsed time after the dive. Take notice: the rotating bezel must best be unidirectional and not multi-directional to save you accidental rotation. In this example, it’s also on a counter-clockwise direction.

Automatic or Battery Operated: All dive watch are powered either routinely or with using a battery. Known as self-winding watch, computerized dive watch runs and operates in keeping with your body’s natural motion. In quick, as long as you pass, the watch will paintings. Battery operated dive watch offers extra capabilities than an automated dive watch, however you want update the battery while it is tired. This is the downside of battery powered dive watch as changing the battery and starting the watch case might compromise its seal and may have an effect on its waterproof skills.

Straps: Straps of famous dive watch both comes in rubber, chrome steel or high grade metal like titanium. While straps are simply straps, your preference would depend upon your desire. The first issue you may keep in mind is pores and skin compatibility wherein a few are allergic to rubber and sure sorts of metal. Second is frequency of use in which some of us pick out rubber straps and most effective put on them in the course of diving while some opt for the high-grade metals where they are able to put on it, not just in diving, but inside the office and formal activities.

Unlike dive computers where you could rent them on a dive keep, you can seldom see a dive watch as a rental unit. If you are a scuba diver, you need to have your personal dive watch. Some may think this is not vital as they are able to ask the time from their friend, then this practice ought to be modified. While asking time out of your buddy is attainable, you need to keep in mind that it isn’t always all instances that you descend altogether. You or your dive buddy may begin descending first and the begin of your dive time differs. And how do you ask for time in case your buddy is far far from you underwater?

Having your very own dive watch offers you the freedom to not simply realize the actual time, but additionally realize how long you are already underwater. This gives you the valuable freedom of tracking your time at a single look and without counting on your dive pal or the complete dive group.

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